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Kastel Sikuli Pošip

Color light gold with a light greenish tone and a nice reflection. The aroma is fresh, with notes of ripe citrus fruits, mostly grapefruit. Over time, mild spicy notes of aging in oak barrels can be noticed in the scent. Mineral scent of sea air freshness. The taste is accompanied by the aroma, citrus fruits come to the fore again, mostly grapefruit, the structure is strong, nicely balanced and mineral, nice flu in the middle of the tongue, turns towards a pleasant creaminess towards the end with a medium long mineral salty finish and light peach notes.

It will be ideally paired with any form of seafood from oysters and carpaccio, to risotto, as well as grilled fish.

Kastel Sikuli Kaštelanski Crljenak

Completely ruby ​​color. At the beginning, the aroma is dominated by spices, pepper, vanilla, prunes, later aromas of red berries, mostly blueberries, develop. In the taste of prunes and berries, dried figs in the aftertaste. The tannins are velvety, the finish is dry, medium to long. The freshness is nicely expressed. Serious wine, which will show itself in full glory with the passage of time, the potential for aging for at least 3 to 5 years.

The perfect partner for all red meat and venison dishes and dishes accompanied by dark meat sauces. It goes very well with aged cheeses.

Kastel Sikuli Cuvee

A radiant blend of 60% Pošip, 30% Chardonnay, and 10% Sivi Pinot, harmonizing coastal Dalmatia and the Dalmatian hinterland. Its golden hue, touched with green, mirrors a meticulous blend. Ripe citrus, notably grapefruit, intertwines with oak-aged spiciness and a sea-kissed mineral freshness. The palate echoes the coastal richness and hinterland’s acidity, showcasing grapefruit dominance, strong structure, and a creamy transition to a medium-long, mineral-salty finish with subtle peach notes. Ideal with a spectrum of seafood, from oysters to grilled fish, it encapsulates the terroir diversity of Dalmatia in a captivating sip.

Kastel Sikuli Rose

A typical summer wine, this blend of international varieties, primarily Merlot, brings a refreshing lightness to the summer experience. Intended to be fresh, fruity, and floral, it is simple and easy, providing the perfect summer refreshment.

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